Blackbaud Altru Integration

Patronage is growing in the digital and virtual world

More data than ever is coming into arts and cultural organizations from more data sources – online events, new virtual membership programs, online courses and camps, digital gift shops and donation boxes, and all kinds of revenue transactions. Now, more than ever, your organization needs to be sure that your Altru and email marketing systems remain synchronized and up-to-date, and that each constituent’s data tells a full, true, accurate story of their journey and involvement with you.

Solutions: Centralized

Let Omatic Cloud do the heavy-lifting when it comes to integrating Altru and the other solutions that you use. When it comes to email marketing, Omatic integration solutions for Altru will ensure that your main database is always current, clean, and complete.

Synchronize with your email solution

The risk of blind spots is real when communicating to members or donors. Poor communication can mean missed opportunity. Your membership team likely doesn’t know who subscribes or unsubscribes to e-newsletters. Your marketing team might only know data from the email system. So that gap between the data and departments eliminates basing strategies on the rich ticketing, membership or fundraising insights from Altru and other satellite programs.

Your membership team doesn’t know who subscribes to – or cancels – your e-newsletters. They don’t know which email messages trigger whose memberships or donations. And, conversely, your marketing team’s focus is only on email system data, so that team doesn’t base its strategies on the rich ticketing, membership, or fundraising data from Altru. Blind spots abound, and lead to missed opportunities for the best communications.


Constant Contact

Designed to bring together data from Constant Contact and Altru, our integration empowers you to deliver an excellent constituent experience through personalized messaging and targeted communications.


Designed to bring together data from MailChimp and Altru, Omatic integration empowers you to deliver an excellent constituent experience through targeted communications and personalized messaging.


With Omatic’s Emma integration for Altru you can seamlessly amalgamate your email marketing and CRM data to eliminate the ‘blind spots’ caused by disconnected systems, while also keeping your constituent records current, clean, and complete.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Omatic’s Integration for Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Altru provides access to current, clean, and complete data that powers relevant, personalized messaging and effective email marketing automation.

Blackbaud Luminate Online

Consolidate all of the rich email marketing data from Luminate Online into Altru – and deliver an excellent supporter experience through individualized messaging and targeted communications.