Arts and Culture Organizations

Data-driven focus requires the highest quality data

Today’s leaders and managers of nonprofit arts, cultural, and public media organizations have quickly come to recognize that data-driven decision-making needs to take its proper place at the side of artistic sensibility and market awareness. And, of course, data-driven insights and management can only be maximized if and when those managers have full, real-time access to current, clean, and complete data about their patrons, donors, members, audiences, funders, and community leaders.

Easier said than done? Perhaps once, but no longer. Omatic is dedicated to integrating data from various sources and democratizing data access for today’s nonprofit arts and cultural leaders. Let us help you ensure that the quality and integrity of your data is as tremendous as the creativity and vision of the work that you produce and present.

Effectively integrating data from disparate sources

No nonprofit technology system does it all. Some do more than others, and others do a few things very well, but no system does it all. That’s why your data from disparate sources needs to be effectively integrated with your main CRM database – be it a Blackbaud system or Salesforce – so that you have all your key information in one convenient place, and your ‘satellite’ applications can remain updated as well.

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Integration. Automation. Reconciliation.

Email marketing

If there’s one area that Omatic sees arts and cultural organizations particularly struggle with, it’s the integration of an email marketing system data with the main CRM database. On the tactical side, it’s challenging to get discrete data – such as subscribe, opt-out, bounce-back, open, and click-through information – back into the CRM. On the strategic side, when that kind of data is not integrated, or not integrated in a timely fashion, it’s challenging to craft up to date, targeted key messaging at the right time in a patron’s giving journey.

Omatic are experts at automating email marketing integration, and Omatic integrations, powered and secured by Omatic Cloud, ensure integration of email data expediently, efficiently, and accurately. You’ll save processing time and you’ll save error correction time, but most importantly, the freshness and crispness of your data will support your most effective engagement strategies.

Patron and member behavior

Among your most important acquisition efforts – year over year and throughout the year – are the conversion of visitors, ticket-buyers, and gift shop patrons to members and donors. But you don’t want to do this in a vacuum, or worse, be handicapped by constituent blind spots when you don’t have a complete picture of your audiences. After all, a visitor could be a recently lapsed donor, or their spouse could be a longtime loyal donor, or a lapsed member could be working with the major gifts team on a capital pledge.

Let Omatic integrations ensure that your main CRM database can always furnish a complete picture of every patron, member, and donor, so that you can segment them properly, communicate with them effectively, and provide the patron experience that they expect and appreciate. Omatic will effectively match records from your ticketing, membership, and e-comm systems against those in your CRM to make sure that you’ve got the full picture, and to validate that names and addresses are properly spelled and properly cased, and that duplicate records are never created.

Reconciliation with finance

How frustrating is it when fundraising, membership, and ticketing revenue reporting doesn’t reconcile with financial reports prepared by your accounting team. That can erode trust internally between departments, but worse, reduce confidence from executive leadership and other organizational stakeholders.

Omatic has been helping nonprofit arts and cultural organizations post to the GL for years, reducing repetitive, redundant data entry, reducing errors, reducing effort, improving the ability to reconcile – and increasing trust and confidence in the numbers along with it. The ‘marriage’ of revenue data and accounting systems is Omatic’s sweet spot – let us help you iron out any ‘irreconcilable’ differences.