Blackbaud CRM Integration

We know integration.

Omatic has been building integrations for Blackbaud CRM since 2012 – taking all the integration knowledge that we developed from working with the Raiser’s Edge since 2002 and putting it to work to improve the data health for some of North America’s largest nonprofits and institutions. We know BBCRM so well that we’ve built supported products, not just one-off customizations, to meet any data integration challenge.

Integration that works for you

We know what BBCRM system users need in terms of integration, when managing high-volume and data-heavy business flows – and we know that the integration process needs to work for you – quickly and conveniently – not make you work for it.

Whether integrating email marketing data , online donation data, peer-to-peer and personal fundraising data, special event data, or any other key data source, we have a solution for BBCRM. Bidirectional? Of course – we always want to ensure that your sources as well as your destination remain synchronized.

Reliable. Clean. Thorough.

Reliable data is immediately actionable

Blackbaud CRM systems often underpin a broad, complex best-of-breed IT infrastructure, with a high volume of new and updated data coming into the database every day. In this type of environment, you can’t afford for BBCRM data to ever become outdated, especially when so many users rely on that data to be correct, all the time. Outdated data can lead to missed opportunities.

Omatic Cloud integration for BBCRM ensures that all data, coming from all sources, get into the system expediently and without any administrative ‘heavy lifting’ – so that the data that BBCRM users rely on every day is always fresh and current.

Clean data protects the supporter experience

Research shows that an average 71% of consumer data is erroneous. And, while inaccurate data may not be so pervasive in the nonprofit sector, most constituents are not especially forgiving when basic biographical information is misspelled or mis-cased, or when they get duplicate mailings or email – even when they caused the situation themselves! Even minor data errors can lead to donor miscommunication and embarrassing mistakes.

Let Omatic Cloud integration for BBCRM remediate and transform incoming donor data, and at the same time alert you whether a ‘new’ incoming record is truly new, or just a variation on an existing constituent that should be properly updated. Even when constituents make their own mistakes in online forms, Omatic will fix them ‘on the fly’ and protect your constituents from an irritating supporter experience.

Thorough data eliminates blind-spots

If all of your satellite solutions encircling BBCRM aren’t actively exchanging data regularly, you risk stale data in BBCRM, as well as incomplete data. This can cause data ‘blind-spots’ because BBCRM users may not be seeing the full picture. Imagine not knowing that a VIP signed up for an event, or that a lapsed donor renewed their gift online.

Omatic Cloud integration for BBCRM provides a routine, reliable, and automated process for getting all key data from point systems into BBCRM, so that users always have a complete view of all constituents and constituent groups. And, ‘complete’ cuts both ways: use Omatic to ensure that your point systems are also current and complete with bidirectional integration that sends data updates originating in BBCRM back to the source software.

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