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Your organization’s data needs to be effectively integrated so that it can be effectively used. This need has not only become universal across the nonprofit industry but is growing more and more important as nonprofits take advantage of new and better technology: cloud technology that allows a growing variety of systems and data to serve a growing variety of organizational demands – in fundraising, programming, and financial management.

Your organization’s data also needs to be healthy. Without the right tools, integrating data from various sources back and forth with your main CRM database can bring about stale, inaccurate, and incomplete information which can detract from relationship-building, fundraising, and ultimately accomplishing your mission. Data needs to be current , clean , and complete .

We've got you covered.

Omatic exclusively addresses the data health and integration needs of the nonprofit sector, but we pride ourselves on having the domain and subject-matter expertise to serve the needs of the entire sector, regardless of the mission of your organization or the community you serve. As you review the more detailed information by clicking on the links below, remember that Omatic solutions can support your entire data health and integration ecosystem, no matter which sector of the social good arena that you’re working to improve.

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