Proudly Supporting the Entire Nonprofit Sector

Animal Welfare

Actionable data – so you can better serve those that rely on you

If your organization supports and protects the health, safety, and wellness of animals, locally or around the world, fundraising and memberships likely make up the ‘lion’s share’ of your revenue stream .  Fortunately, there are wonderful platforms available today that you use to maximize online donations, personal fundraising pages, membership processing and communications, email marketing, event registrations, and the like.  That’s the good news.

The bad news is that the valuable data from all of those sources either stay in those systems , or you spend untold hours on data entry, rudimentary exporting and importing, and correcting errors and duplicates as you attempt to get it all into your main CRM database . So, l et Omatic do the data integrating for you.  Powered by Omatic Cloud, Omatic integrations automate the exchange of information between systems and ensure that your data is always current, clean, and complete – and actionable, so that you can continue to protect the animals that rely on you to carry out your mission.

Environment and Conservation

Raise the focus on your mission to protect and conserve

For organizations that focus on conservation and addressing the effects on the environment resulting from years of pollution and abuse, there is truly no time like the present.  A combination of activism, volunteering, and fundraising is making a difference – and some new synergies have been discovered:  activists and volunteers make great fundraising prospects; donors make great volunteers; donors and volunteers make great activists.

So you need an easy, automated, and reliable way of exchanging data between systems so that you can engage effectively with your various constituencies, using the most current information you have about them in conjunction with all the other data in your main CRM system.  That’s where Omatic comes in. Omatic integrations, powered and secured by Omatic Cloud, can expediently manage the data exchange between your various systems and your main CRM database so that your data is always current , clean, and complete – and usable to target the most effective communications to the right constituents at the right time .  R aise more money, raise more support, raise more awareness, and raise the focus on your mission overall.


Helping integrate data of biblical proportion

Organizations that are inspired by religious beliefs or that support faith communities have to manage a lot more than the moral imperative to help those in need. Behind the scenes, the administration and operation of faith-based organizations, ministries, and umbrella institutions can be vast and complicated – some might say, of biblical proportion. From a community data health and integration standpoint, a single source-of-truth is often elusive, as faith-based organizations frequently manage multiple data systems that support membership, event registrations, email communications, eCommerce, prayer requests, and certainly fundraising.

Omatic integration solutions, powered and secured by Omatic Cloud, can be your one-stop shop for easy, automated, and accurate integration of your various systems and data files with your main CRM database. With our help, you can have a current, clean, and complete single source-of-truth, without duplicates – and a powerful tool for effectively managing your community – whether you are single congregation or an organization of epic proportion.


Addressing ‘foundational’ data integration needs

Community Foundations and foundations that exist to support membership organizations, associations, and the needs of specific constituencies have data challenges on both sides of the equation: the contributions and the distributions. Not only has electronic giving exploded, resulting more and more new donor, gift, and fund information coming into your main CRM system from online sources, but all of that donor-based revenue data has to make its way to your general ledger – expediently and accurately. And, on the distribution side, for many foundations there’s the challenge of getting grant disbursement data quickly and properly recorded on the GL.

Omatic integrations, powered and secured by Omatic Cloud, offer solutions for both getting detailed donor and donation data into your main CRM database, and getting data out of your database and over to your accounting system. Let us help you eliminate redundant data entry, reduce errors, and ensure that financial statements are both reconcilable and timely. You – and your donors and other stakeholders – will be pleased with the outcomes.


Effectively engaged with your entire school community

Independent schools and other private schools that serve children through high school are, in many ways, microcosms of the colleges and universities that their graduates will eventually attend. While they may be smaller, all of the ‘trappings’ are there, including the administrative burdens of ensuring that their various sources of data are healthy and properly integrated. Not only does current student, parent, and alumni information need to be effectively integrated with your main Development system, but online giving, event registrations, ticketing, email, and PTO activity data also have to get from source to destination – efficiently and accurately.

You need your main Development system to be your single source-of-truth – only that way will you have all the necessary data to engage with your entire school community in the most effective ways. Omatic integrations, powered by Omatic Cloud, can do all of the data exchange ‘heavy lifting’ that you need, so that you can focus on more strategic efforts, and be confident that the information you are using is current, clean, and complete. And, Omatic Cloud also can take care of efficient posting to your General Ledger, reducing redundant effort, errors, and reconciliation issues.