Raiser's Edge & Raiser's Edge NXT Integration

The leading integration solution for Raiser's Edge

For almost 20 years, Omatic Software has taken integrating data with the Raiser’s Edge™ – and now RE NXT – to a new level.

Omatic’s original integration solution, ImportOmatic, is an import solution for advanced nonprofit needs . Now, Omatic offers a cloud-based data health and integration solution for RE and RE NXT that can get done in a fraction of the time what takes other tools much longer to accomplish.

Your integration hub

When Omatic integration is layered under the Raiser’s Edge, it becomes your integration hub, with RE / RE NXT as the center of your engagement and constituent management your engagement and universe. And, with our ever-growing and evolving library of API-based Connectors, bidirectional data integration is kicked off literally at the click of a mouse.

Your RE Data: Current. Clean. Complete.

Current data is actionable data

Stale data are useless data. Similarly, data that don’t get into Raiser’s Edge in a timely fashion can work to your disadvantage – and sour donor relationships that you’ve invested in building. You never want to delay sending gift acknowledgments, especially if that’s because donation data have not been entered expediently. But, worse, you don’t want those acknowledgments to bounce back or be ‘returned to sender’ because constituent contact information is outdated.

Use Omatic to ensure that your RE data are always current and fresh. Make sure that new gifts and biographical updates get committed as soon as possible and as part of a single process. You’ll sleep easy knowing that RE is up-to-date not only for speedy acknowledgments, but for fundraisers who need that current data for effective segmentation, major gift cultivation, and stewardship communication.

Clean data, great constituent experience

Polluted, inaccurate data, and duplicate records can lead to embarrassment – and a less-than-ideal constituent experience. No constituent expects that their name or street will be misspelled, or mis-cased (eg, Mchenry or Desilva). No constituent wants to receive duplicate messages, especially if a duplicate was created because of misspelling to begin with. And no database administrator wants their RE database cluttered with inconsistent – or, worse, worthless – table values.

Omatic can take care of all those things. We’ve been cleaning up, standardizing, and deduplicating data for almost 20 years. Our proprietary deduplication scoring and matching algorithms will make sure that existing duplicates are addressed lightning-quick and that no new duplicates are created when importing. And Omatic’s proper-casing and data transformation functions will ensure that constituent information looks right, and that your nonprofit database is not littered with sloppy configuration.

Complete data – no blind spots

Incomplete data leave you open to blind spots – not having the full picture of who your constituents are, what they are up to, and how they interact with you. These days, your donors and other supporters engage with you in so many different ways – and if you only are looking at some of that information, your ongoing communication and other relationship-building activities could be seriously flawed. Imagine speaking with a lapsed donor and not knowing that they recently registered for your upcoming Big Event!

Omatic will ensure that your RE system contains all relevant data from all germane sources. This will support proper messaging, using the right communication and solicitation methods, and focusing your content on topics that will resonate with the recipients – sending the right communication to the right constituent at the right time.

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