Salesforce NPSP Integration

Reduce efforts, errors, and give hours back to priorities that matter most.

Omatic’s twenty years in the business of nonprofit data health and integration truly give our solutions the ‘edge’ over other data loaders and import/export tools available for organizations that use Salesforce. And, because we work exclusively with nonprofits, you can count on our solutions to be priced in a way that does not reduce resources committed to your mission.


Omatic Cloud is source and destination ‘agnostic’. While Salesforce may be the center, our Cloud connectors map and deliver data into the right Salesforce objects or move data out of Salesforce to properly sync with point systems. Point systems including Email Marketing, Online Donations, Online Registrations, Peer-to-Peer Fundraising , Ticketing, your General Ledger, and that’s just for starters.

Simple importing. Consistent experience. Accurate financials.

One simple import

New donations. New donors. Old donors with new information. Online donations from lapsed donors with updated addresses. Pledge payments from old donors with new pledges. Is sara ohara the same donor as Sarah O’Hara? What about Toby O’Hara at the same address? Sarah’s husband? Her daughter?

Put a secure and specialized solution, like Salesforce Integration powered by Omatic Cloud, into action. In one simple import, bring your new donors, new donations and other payments, and updated donor and household information right into Salesforce, quickly and easily. Clean-up and transform unhygienic data along the way, with our proprietary proper-casing and standardization algorithms – and know before importing if a record is a duplicate – so that you can match it to the right contact or create a truly new record when you need to.

Consistent user experience

Over the years, perhaps you’ve made a great investment in best-of-breed point systems external to Salesforce for online donor engagement or other business needs. Each one might have its own, custom tool for integration, or not – and no two integrate with Salesforce in quite the same way.

Omatic Cloud provides a common user experience regardless of which systems you use – or plan to use! We’ve already unraveled and built solid API-based Connectors for the most popular online engagement systems used by nonprofits in conjunction with Salesforce. If you’re looking for data exchange and synchronization between systems – easily configured and scheduled – check out the following:

Don’t see what you’re looking for? We might be building it or we may already have a solution depending on your need. Contact us and let’s see how we can help.

Accurate – and timely – financials

Of course, getting donation and payment data into Salesforce – expediently and conveniently – only addresses half the problem. All of those revenue and other transactional entries still need to get into the General Ledger – quickly, accurately, without manipulation, and without risk of reconciliation errors. Oh, and did we say quickly, so that financials are accurate and not delayed?

Enter Omatic Cloud’s Salesforce General Ledger Integration, which allows you to integrate Salesforce with any accounting system into which detail or summary transactional data can be imported. With easy configuration that ensures all the right fields, all properly formatted, and in a file format built to the specifications of your GL, you won’t give a second thought to the posting process, and the data in both systems will be easily reconcilable – and trusted!

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